May I have a little bit of hypomania?

I know I shouldn’t wish for it, but everything goes downhill these days. I don’t understand simple stuff, I don’t believe in myself, and I really can’t recognise myself.

A little hypomania could bring back the faith in myself and my focus. Yeah, I don’t know about you but I focus really well under a hypomanic period. I could even read the news stuff I don’t know about because the depression took all my energy and brain power. I can forget about the studying now. I can’t focus for that long.

A little hypomania would make me better at talking. It could make me express myself clearly. It could make me believe in myself and make myself I life. I would get out more, be more social. I know I might fall back in but I really wish that I could be hypomanic for a little while.

It is a stupid wish. I’m sure my psychiatrist would agree.



  1. blue

    I feel like this sometimes as well, there are a lot of perks to a slightly hypomanic phase, but mine tend to progress to the money spending, bad decision making phase all too quickly. I think it’s perfectly healthy to wish for the good without the bad.


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