At the career coach

‘What would you like to do if you could pick?’ the career coach asked me. I might have looked pretty astonished. Could I pick?

I have been assigned a career coach by my job centre because I have been some months unemployed. It is a precaution for people who have had stress or are sensitive to it. People like me, I think. Anyhow, this man seems nice so far even though I was quite surprised by his question. The last two years I have, in my depressions, given up every single one of my former career plans. Now I would like to work in a company, which matches my values. That is all.

And then he asked me what I want to do. I answered him what I would have answered years prior. I told him that I would like to work overseas on development projects or something similar. I told him so even though it is a challenge for me to go on a skiing holiday with my friends or go to a party on a Saturday night. I get worried and nervous and I don’t want to go. Despite this I told him my old dream of working overseas. Why on earth would I say that?


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