The yearly debate on depression medicine 

Here we go again. One paper took up the discussion of SSRI medicine from the perspective ‘but does it really work?’ and with the conclusion ‘it really doesn’t’. Talk about being biased. 

I’m trying to find my place in the debate but I might as well be staying in the bottom of a valley shouting to make the clouds stop moving. It is a debate with its own life and what is worse is that I am not proud of the knowledge I can add and how I got there.

I want to say that SSRI worked for me, but then I would have to say that they only did for a time because I am bipolar and become hypomanic. My argument would be: 

1) I have had a depression,  and 

2) I felt it got better – for a little while. 

That doesn’t seem too solid. I don’t think I am brave enough to make a patos argument out in the big national media debate. Even if I wish someone would. Better now than next year. 


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