I don’t read faces; I can’t.

I read at some point, when I was doing research on my own disorder, that people with bipolar can have trouble reading faces during their episodes. I thought I was odd, but I pushed it aside as a minor and strange detail, which wouldn’t affect me. I was wrong.

I can see people changing facial expression, but I can’t read it. ‘Are you angry with me or disappointed?’ And those are not the worse. Jealousy, remorse, mild surprise. Pretty difficult.

I don’t have a strategy yet (I wish I did). I know it makes me look stupid and it make me overthink: ‘Did I do anything wrong? Are they angry with me?’ I get stuck in me own head. Anyway, that research seems to be true when it comes to me and my cognitive difficulties. I wish the head would heal, but who wouldn’t wish for that?

Over and out.



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