A mixed episode aid-project

I had a mixed episode last year. It has the peek that it let me be productive for a little while. So I drafted an aid-project. I looked at it just now. It is feasible but not perfect. I could apply for some funding I guess… I remember my mom made a comment to my psychologist: She might as well have said ‘stupid stupid little girl with her aid-project’. I think that is how she is feeling now as well when I am writing a children’s book out of boredom. (currently not very good, but it keeps my busy)

Anyway, back to the aid-project. It is pretty okay if I should say it myself. But it is written in a mixed episode and it shows. It needs some love – and I need a partner; so if anyone if from central/south Italy and want to do an aid-project (for migrants) with me, please get in touch.

Over and out.


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