If I mention to a job interview that I am ill, I will never get hired.

I never thought about this. I even thought my illness would be a strength when applying for job on projects for people with similar vulnerabilities. I guess not. They will ditch me, it seems. That is a little unfair I think. If I am asked about illnesses at a job interview, how can I tell the truth without waving the job goodbye?

Over and out.



  1. Migraines From Hell

    I can’t believe they ask about illnesses. IMO this is none of their business and I’d like and say I don’t have any illnesses. They do not need to know that you have a mental illness unless it will directly impact the job. ❤


    • Charlotte

      It is common to ask here, although they are not allowed to judge on the basis – technically. But I totally follow you: If I don’t have more sick days than anyone else it should be fine.

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