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What is my purpose of this blog?

Normally I am not as self-absorbed as it might seems on my blog. I am sorry about that impression; it makes me feel shitty. So I though it might be about time to get down to it: What is my purpose of this blog?

When I ask myself this kind of questions, it is usually stuff like ‘what is the purpose of human kind’ or ‘what is the purpose of dill’?

Now, however, the question is the purpose of this blog. There are more answers to that question:

  1. I need to share my experiences otherwise I go nuts (correcting: nutter).
  2. I want to read how other people are dealing.
  3. I hope for dialogues about aspects of the illness (although I am pretty bad at starting them myself.)

I am sorry that this blog might not be very entertaining, but it helps me a lot regardless and your comments help me even more.

Over and out.