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A mixed episode aid-project

I had a mixed episode last year. It has the peek that it let me be productive for a little while. So I drafted an aid-project. I looked at it just now. It is feasible but not perfect. I could apply for some funding I guess… I remember my mom made a comment to my psychologist: She might as well have said ‘stupid stupid little girl with her aid-project’. I think that is how she is feeling now as well when I am writing a children’s book out of boredom. (currently not very good, but it keeps my busy)

Anyway, back to the aid-project. It is pretty okay if I should say it myself. But it is written in a mixed episode and it shows. It needs some love – and I need a partner; so if anyone if from central/south Italy and want to do an aid-project (for migrants) with me, please get in touch.

Over and out.


When I met my husband

I met my husband in the middle of an episode. I have had episodes all through our time together, and only now it seems that I might get more stable. Thank God my stable ‘I’ is loved by husband as much as my in any other.

So I met him because I had an episode and I was hypomanic (or in a mixed episode, I don’t remember much). I had been sleeping around for months and drunken myself wasted time after time. I met him at an evening where I got drunk again. Another of my not too charming moments from that time. For some reason he stuck around. I remember that I once said, drunk again, that he was too nice for someone like me. Honestly he was way too nice for me at the time.

He worked in the restaurant two doors down from mine, which meant that we saw each other a lot – in distance. I only met him because of my episodes. Even though I have from time to time regretted my time there, it was the luckiest of all times because I met him. Without my episodes I had never met my husband and without him I have never gotten through them. Please get me right; this still does not make me thankful or even happy for the disorder however. Never.

Over and out.